We at the terf School aspire to be a mission-driven division dedicated to creating an atmosphere where a passion for leadership, knowledge, global vision, and innovation are inspired, nurtured and explored. While content knowledge and skills are important for the emerging adolescent, equally important is the development of character. At the Middle School, students learn how to discern, choose and practice doing the right things while simultaneously learning how to do things right.

Guiding is our work , which an acronym which stands for creating a culture and community of Caring; emphasizing public displays of Understanding, and fashioning Engaging and Empowering classroom experiences for our students.

When considering our role as educators, we look to the derivation of the word education to inform our approach to teaching and learning. The word education is derived from two Latin roots educere and educare. Educere means “to draw out from within,” and educare means “to mold or shape.” Therefore, we endeavor to create a learning environment that is conducive to molding and shaping the innate, God-given gifts, talents and aptitudes of our students.  

Paramount to this endeavor is the creation of a terf School that requests of each individual (student, faculty, staff, and administrator) that s/he be courageous enough to contribute to our community each day the authentic, unique, and individual perspective that only s/he can offer. Establishing a safe, supportive, caring environment that allows for the individual to grow, develop, take risks, and discover his/her talents and aptitudes in collaboration with others is the key to authentic education. Within this context, the individual discovers how her/his authentic self can blend with others to create a synergy that otherwise would not exist.

Yours in Education,


Principal, terf School