Refinement of manners, habits of obedience and order, neatness in person and dress, and punctuality are required at all times.

It is mandatory that all students refrain from any kind of birthday celebration. That includes – no free dress and no distribution of gifts or sweets of any kind.

During working hours, order and silence are to be maintained on the premises. Running, playing or shouting inside the School building is not allowed. • Students cannot move out of the class without permit card

Books or any other material, other than that prescribed by the school authorities, should not be brought to school. This also applies to electronic gadgets like mobiles, i-pods, cameras etc. In case of violation of this rule, the gadget will be confiscated and not returned.

Gathering of signatures to bring pressure on the authorities is strictly prohibited. Previous sanction of the Principal is needed for any organized school activity.

The School is not responsible for the loss of students’ books, money, clothes, etc. Students must look after their own belongings. It is advisable for them not to bring valuable articles to School

Any kind of damage done to the school property is to be made good