1. What is the USP of terf school?

terf school, Ahmedabad has been known for its excellence in education. It is a renowned GSEB school, committed to provide quality education with a holistic perspective for developing individualistic personalities.

2. How do I get information about admission procedure?

Kindly go through our school website for details regarding admissions. For further queries-Contact our school office on 02717-27491431/2747005 , Timings - 9.00 am - 1.00 pm.

3. What are the admission requirements?

Kindly visit our school website for details regarding admission requirements.

4. What is the procedure for seeking admission?

Kindly fill the inquiry form and we will back to you soon. Click here

5. Does the school have reserved quota for transferable cases?

We have vacancy based admissions. We prioritize and try our best to accommodate the students of transfer cases.

6. What is the student- teacher ratio in Secondary Section?

The student-teacher ratio is 16 : 1

7. What is the minimum qualification for teachers?

We recruit highly qualified and experienced teachers as per the GSEB norms.

8. Does the school cater to the children with special needs?

School provides the extra care and remedial classes for children with special needs. We also have in-house Counsellors and Learning Lab facility to cater to individual needs.

9. What kind of syllabus does the school follow?

We follow a broad and balanced curriculum to provide holistic education, with special focus on enhancing each child’s knowledge, skills and attitude for future global education.

10. What are the streams offered to the senior secondary students?

Science & Commerce streams are the options available to the students after Class X.

11. What are the co- curricular activities offered in the school?

The school offers a wide range of age specific activities for the holistic development of the students .Kindly refer to activities on our school website.

12. What facilities are available in the school?

TERF has an excellent infrastructure catering to state-of -the -art amenities on a beautiful 5 acre campus. We are a leading edge in technology and have 100 % interactive smart classes (from Prep- Class XII). Besides multitude of facilities, the school has a voluminous library, well -equipped labs, multi-purpose auditorium and also boasts of a skating rink of international standard.

13. How are the students assessed and evaluated?

The system of evaluation is as per the guidelines of GSEB.

14. Does the school have adequate medical facilities?

The school has a well equipped state-of- the-art infirmary with a full time lady doctor and two nurses for expert medical care and advice. A general dental, eye & health check up is conducted annually for the students.

15. How are parents informed about the progress of their ward?

Parents are informed regularly about their ward’s progress through the school Almanac. Half yearly and annual progress reports are also made available online. Besides this, the parents can also meet the teachers with a prior appointment to find the progress of their ward.

16. What is the PTM schedule?

1st and 3rd Saturday is open for PTM with prior appointment and we also have half yearly and annual PTM schedule.

17. Do parents have opportunity to actively participate and involve in school based activities?

Yes, the school designs a lot of activities, which includes parents’ involvement.